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WP Safelink V4.0

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The WP Safelink v 4.0 Features ever to

Auto Generate Link

Consequently, make every single outer connection into joins that will bring in cash on an extraordinary page that is safelink for Adsense advertisements.

Manual Generate Link

Notwithstanding having programmed generate interface mode, these modules are additionally furnished with manual create Link’s to produce inside connections.

New Short and Long Generate Link

In v3.0 there is the expansion of short connections that can show shorter connections so they look increasingly proficient.

Counter View and Click

Corresponding highlights in WPSafelink v3.0 can tally the quantity of guests who click the converter interface, so it can without much of a stretch deal with the connections that are tapped on.

Three Permalink

There are three sorts of permalinks in the form Newfrom WPSafelink. These 3 kinds of permalinks can help show increasingly impeccable Adsense advertisements running.

Hostile to Adblock

Square pages for guests utilizing the Adblock augmentation, this will help produce an ideal CTR esteem.

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WPSafelink functions as though making a short link and simultaneously presents a page that will bamboozle guests to tap on advertisements on the page, along these lines, it will absolutely expand your Adsense CTR to 3x and even duplicate.

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